Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Friday, August 1, 2014

Trade Deadline Recap

The Craziest time of the year has come and gone, here's a recap of who did well, who was awful, and which GMs need to get their heads checked.
July 26th
Giants-Red Sox
Giants get: P Jake Peavy
Red Sox get: P Heath Hembree, P Edwin Escobar
This trade just baffled me. Do the Giants really think a pitcher with an ERA north of four is going to be the missing piece? Meanwhile, the Red Sox made off with the Giants number two prospect at the beginning of the year (Escobar) whose value is way down because of some struggles this year. Toss a rookie reliever on top of that and you have a serious pillaging.
Winner: Red Sox

Jul 27th
Blue Jays-Royals
Blue Jays get: 3B Danny Valencia
Royals get: P Liam Hendriks, C Erik Kratz
Here's how I imagine the conversations going down between Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos and Royals GM Dayton Moore.
AA: Hey, I'll give you my failed Twins prospect for your failed Twins prospect.
DM: Nah, at least my failed Twins prospect is decent. Yours is just a AAA pitcher who shouldn't be in the big leagues under any circumstances.
AA: I really want to get rid of mine. Are there any other deals you would do?
DM: I'll tell you what: If you throw in a 34 year old career .216 hitting catcher we have a deal.
AA: Deal!
Winner: Blue Jays

July 31st
Cardinals get: P Justin Masterson
Indians get: OF James Ramsey
This is a tough trade to talk about because we're not sure what's going to happen. Masterson was in the middle of  a miserable season before going on the DL, so The winner all depends on weather Masterson was ineffective because of the injury or if he's just lost it. Cardinals fans will be holding their breath because they just lost a former first round pick and top ten prospect in James Ramsey to get him. The outfielder has a slash line of .300/.389/.521 this year for AA Springfield.
Winner: TBD

Nationals get: SS Asdrubal Cabrera
Indians get: SS Zach Walters
Nice trade for the Nats. Walters isn't anything special and they're getting a serviceable shortstop in Cabrera, who isn't the same player he was a few years ago, but he's still a good fielder and someone who has quite a bit of pop for a shortstop.
Winner: Nationals

Cardinals-Red Sox
Cardinals get: P John Lackey, P Cory Littrell
Red Sox get: P Joe Kelly, OF Allen Craig
Once again, the Cards are trying to go big with a high risk high reward trade. Kelly and Craig are in similar situations. They're both having forgettable seasons this year after being really good last year. I'm not sure how this trade helps the Cardinals in the short term or long term. Kelly has only thrown 35 innings this year. He could easily revert back to himself by October. And I haven't even mentioned that Craig was an all star as recently as 2013. All this for a starter with a 3.60 ERA. The Sox continue to dominate the deadline.
Winner: Red Sox

A's-Red Sox
A's get: P Jon Lester, OF Jonny Gomes
Red Sox get: OF Yoenis Cespedes
In the biggest deal of the week is by far the most beneficial for both teams. The A's get their pitching and the Red Sox get the right handed power hitter Fenway is built for. Cespedes is going to make a living banging balls off the monster in the next few years. As for the A's, now that they have Lester, I just can't see any team beating them four out of seven games with him, Samardzija, Kazmir and Sonny Gray. In the end, I've got to go with Oakland, they've catapulted themselves to the World Series favorite with nobody even close.
Winner: A's

Tigers get: P David Price
Mariners get: OF Austin Jackson
Rays get: P Drew Smyly, SS Willy Adames, SS Nick Franklin
I can hear the sobs from the MLB offices already at the idea of a Detroit-Oakland ALCS. The two big winners here are the Tigers and Mariners, Tigers for obvious reasons, and the Mariners because the Jackson acquisition will allow them to get the struggling James Jones out of the lineup. The Rays didn't do quite as well but got a few young players who could be good down the road, especially Franklin, a potential power hitting shortstop who's only 23. In the end, I've gotta go with the team that put themselves in the best position for right now unless they got completely ripped off. Fortunately for the Tigers, this was not one of those cases.
Winner: Tigers

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