Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Friday, November 7, 2014

Scattered Thoughts on the Minnesota Sports Scene

     A ton of stuff happened in the last week so we need a column to sort through it all. Here it is.
     Obviously the big story is the Twins hiring Paul Molitor. I'm a little nervous about the fact that he's never managed before, but all the players clearly trust and respect him. Also, as the Royals taught us this October, managers are pretty overrated. I agreed with the Twins decision to fire Gardy last month, I felt like the game had passed him up, but one of his strengths was dealing with the media and pressure, something Molitor hasn't had any experience with.
     Teddy showed some serious flashes this week against Washington, going 26-42 for 268 yards and no interceptions. The deep ball is a concern, but his decision making is much better than most young quarterbacks. As great as all of that is that is, he could be even better if Turner wasn't so frustratingly stubborn about not getting Patterson more involved in the offense. Even Musgrave figured that out at one point last year. The plays don't need to be that intricate either, with Peterson leaving gave the Vikings the perfect opportunity to get him more involved from out of the backfield. He's a great weapon for Teddy to use and Turner just can't figure out what to do with him.
     You know what other Minnesota athlete made me pumped for the future this week? Mr. Andrew Christian Wiggns, that's who! He's constantly looking for his shot, and hasn't been settling for jumpers very often, one of the big knocks against him at Kansas. I haven't noticed a huge difference between this team and last year's Kevin Love lead team. Both of their losses are types of games they lost all the time last year, and the types of games the Cavaliers are already losing this year through four games, en route to a worse record than the Wolves so far. I better move on before Flip pulls a muscle patting himself on the back.
     We close today by talking about Peterson and the plea deal. I was happy when it was over because of the type of person Peterson is. He's not a headcase like Harvin, who always seemed like a ticking time bomb, that's why the news of what happened was so shocking. He should definitely be suspended, so at the very least he's given up some of his salary he was making while doing nothing the last eight weeks, but he should also be allowed back this season. He committed a crime, was punished and has hopefully learned his lesson. There isn't much more to ask for.

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