Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Saturday, January 3, 2015

NFL Wildcard Round Playoff Picks

Cardinals vs. Panthers
Alright, we have a 7-8-1 team going up against a team starting their third string quarterback that lost four of their last six games, sounds like a great matchup! I have to take Carolina here just because of the Ryan Lindley factor.
The pick: Panthers
Ravens vs. Steelers
This is without a doubt the matchup I'm most excited for. We have the biggest rivalry in the league on primetime with an 80% chance of rain. While it will be tough for the Steelers to run the ball, with Le'Veon Bell out and Haloti Ngata returning from his suspension, I just can't see Antonio Brown not going nuts against a depleted Ravens secondary.
The pick: Steelers
Bengals vs. Colts
You won't find a bigger Andy Dalton fan outside of Cincinnati than me. Even if he hasn't been very good in the playoffs, he never seems to get enough credit for bringing his teams to the playoffs with a below average defense, and I'll always defend a fellow ginger. But with that said, he didn't look very good last week, and I can't bring myself to go against Andrew Luck, even on this Colts team without a running game.
The pick: Colts
Lions vs. Cowboys
Welcome to the Snakebite Bowl. These teams are 1-9 in the playoffs since 1997. Personally, I'm excited for when Fox shows the inevitable montage of crappy things that have happened to them the past 17 years and I get to relive this, probably the only season of the last ten years where I was happy for more than 50% of it. Anyway, It'll be tight, with the Lions' front four and the Cowboys' offensive line cancelling each other out, but I'll take Dallas because, a) the Lions will always be the Lions, and b) Tony Romo is having a seriously underrated season. Just one more tough defeat for Detroit.
The pick: Cowboys

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