Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Twins Week in Review: April 6th-12th

Three Reasons to be Optimistic
1. Tommy Milone
Going into the season I was more optimistic about Milone than any of the pitchers other than Hughes because he was the only one on the staff who actually earned his spot in spring training. He has a history of being inconsistent throughout his career, but these last few weeks have been a good sign.
2. Ummm... Duensing?
This week has sucked so much I can't think of another reason to be excited. So Duensing wins it by default for his 1 save and 0.00 ERA.
3. Buxton and Sano
Yep, they still exist. Feel free think of them every time Pelfrey gives up a multi run lead, Plouffe gets eaten up by a grounder at third, and Arcia swings out of his shoes on a 3-1 in the dirt. Help is on the way.
Three Reasons to be Frustrated
1. Santana
We're talking about Ervin here, we'll tackle Danny's situation in a different section. I'm not as furious as some people are about his suspension just because the Twins weren't going to be very good this year. Obviously it's frustrating because the Twins were supposed to be at least a little better than they were last year and a lot better than they are right now, but that's it, he'll still be there when the Twins are hopefully contending in a few years.
2. Hunter
That reunion went sour quickly. Hunter's 2-17 to start off the season, and his blowup on at Joe West on opening day was the perfect metaphor for this season. That said, the said incident wasn't a horrible sign; it shows he cares, he won't take being this terrible. Someone on this team needs to have that attitude.
3. Everything
I don't think this needs an explanation, but I'll give one anyway. Everything that could've gone wrong this year has so far. It started with the Santana suspension, then we found out Nolasco is still Nolasco, then he got injured so we can't even make fun of him, Perkins hasn't even gotten in a game yet, Father Time is pounding the living crap out of Hunter, Mauer's the only starter with an average above .214 right now, they're outfielders have the same amount of errors as assists, and hearing all this from Dan Gladden makes me want to put my fist through a wall. What a delightful team.
Stat of the Week
That's the Twins run differential through the Detroit series. They picked it up slightly in Chicago, moving to -16. I think I used up all my energy in the last section. Let's just move on.
Question of the week
Who's the real Danny Santana?
Santana burst onto the scene last year, hitting .319/.353/.447 with 20 stolen bases in 24 attempts. One red flag about him was his unusually high batting average on balls in play of .405. He's struggled to start this year, making him exactly like the rest of the team in that regard, and the statheads smugly laughed knowingly as they adjusted their pocket protectors because they knew the whole time he wouldn't be good this year.* After starting out 0-12, Molitor sat him, telling the media he was "obviously pressing." Since then, he's collected four hits in his last two games. Hopefully he's starting to relax and play like he did last year.
*Sorry to stereotype all statheads, most of them are pretty normal and non-obnoxious, in fact, I probably use numbers more than plenty of people, but some drive me insane with the way they smugly tell you that because WAR says this, you're automatically wrong. I'm going to stop now before I get on a rant because this definitely deserves its own column. 
Dan Gladden Stupidity Moment of the Week
In which we look at something moronic Dan Gladden said while announcing Twins games this week
I was listening to the game today, and the radio hadn't been on more than five minutes when I heard Danny say, "He hits a fly ball to left, Nunez...." That's it. When you're a radio announcer, you're entire job description is, "Describe what's happening" and he couldn't even do that. As Gladden would say, he kinda screwed that play up a little.

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