Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Monday, August 3, 2015

Winners and Losers from the Trade Deadline

Winner: Blue Jays
We'll start with the obvious one. They acquired the best overall player on the trade market and still had enough assets to snag one of the top pitchers. Losing Daniel Norris will hurt, but losing him is worth gaining David Price, especially after going all in with Tulowitzki.
Loser: Padres
While A.J. Preller's offseason bombed, he did end up with some good assets so the Padres could set up for the future for the 800th time in Justin Upton, Joakin Benoit and Craig Kimbrel. The got rid of none of them. Now they'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with a big league roster not good enough to make the playoffs and a mediocre farm system.
Winner: Astros
Obviously getting Carlos Gomez was huge. He'll continue the 'Stros slow integration of speed and finesse into a lineup full of slow power hitters. Scott Kazmir was an underrated addition. He isn't punching guys out like he used to in Tampa Bay, but he's still been effective using his breaking pitches more often. Houston needed another arm to go with Dallas Keuchel and Lance McCullers and didn't have to pay too much for Kazmir.
Loser: Angels
I understand that the Halos needed an outfielder with Matt Joyce hitting under the Mendoza line, but Shane Victorino isn't someone who will be a difference maker. That move got even more confusing when they dealt for David Dejesus. In the last two years, Victorino's played 66 games in which he's hit .251/.306/.333 including a ghastly .231/.310/.279 line this year. He's merely an average fielder, so it's curious as to what value he brings to the table.
Winner: Mets
Yes, the Mets are doing well, on and off the field, no the apocalypse isn't any time soon. Snagging Yoenis Cespedes was a savvy move. I thought giving up Zack Wheeler was a little too much for Carlos Gomez, but they only gave up one top prospect for Cespedes, who will give them an imposing bat in the middle of the lineup.
Loser: Dodgers
The Dodgers were the most hyped team going into the deadline. They ended up with Mat Latos and Mike Morse among others, which is a fine haul, but they had the inside track on getting Hamels or Price and couldn't capitalize.
Winner: Yoenis Cespedes's real estate agent
Cespedes just went to his fourth city since last July. Whoever's getting him settled in these places is making a lot of money. Fast.

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