Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Friday, April 25, 2014

Complainathon Vol. II

     A Giancarlo Stanton homer is always awesome. It's awesome right now and will continue to be when he's playing along with Jose Fernandez in New York or Los Angeles because Jeffery Loria traded them for no particular reason for a prospect with some potential who may or may not work out and a crappy starting pitcher. Anyway, if a Stanton homer is nice, then a walk off grand slam should be even better, right? Wrong. Watch this video and pay close attention to the to idiots sitting in the first row. That's right, they're trying to get noticed on TV. First of all, anyone who does that in any situation deserves a five year minimum sentence in Leavenworth. Secondly, let's count what's going on in the game.
1) The game is tied
2) It is in the ninth inning
3) The bases are loaded
4) The Marlins best hitter is up
     How stupid do you have to be to think, "This is the perfect time to try to get on TV." They don't deserve those seats.
     There's something ESPN fails to understand about the rest of the world. Jim Caple had a great piece about it a couple weeks ago, and that I agree with: Nobody outside of the east coast cares about the Red Sox and Yankees. There are far more interesting things happening at the moment. The Pineda fiasco is a good topic to debate, but frankly, I don't care who wins a Wednesday night game in April. My ideal playoffs would be, in the AL Royals, A's and Rays with the Indians and Rangers as my wildcards. And then in the NL Reds, Nationals and Giants with the Pirates and Braves as the wildcards. If that happened you'd be able to hear everyone at Fox cursing from ten miles away.
     I am sick of hearing everybody complain about the no-call on Draymond Green against the Clippers a few days ago. Look at this video inappropriately titled "Referees miss Draymond Green Foul on Chris Paul" and tell me where the foul is. First, he drives past Steve Blake and towards Green, then, without anyone touching him, he loses control of the ball. After the ball is well out of his possession, he runs into Green rather dramatically to try to get the call from the official. Kudos to him for not falling for his con job. In a related note, I'm not the biggest fan of the current Clippers because their playing style attracts bandwagon hoppers, Paul does things like that, and the idiots who say that Griffin is better than Love. Wins aren't a goo barometer of how good an individual player. If Love got to play with Chris Paul, that team would win 60 games. I can say this without at doubt. Go Warriors.

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