Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Stupidity and Illogicality of Baseball's Unwritten Rules

     By now you've probably heard of Colby Lewis's rant about Colby Rasmus's bunt. According to him, that's not, "how the game should be played," If that's true, and most players think that way, let's review when you can't bunt. 1) To break up a no hitter,  2) With a big lead, and 3) when it's the fifth inning of a close game. Let's take a further look at what an idiot Lewis is. Why does the defense have the right to swing their third baseman around behind second base but the hitter isn't allowed to outsmart them by putting the ball where they aren't positioned? While we're on this subject, let's tackle some of the other unwritten rules.
     Here's a player who makes me want to puke: Brian McCann. Watch this clip and get back to me.
     Ok, you're back? Good. Think about the situation, a 20 year old pitcher just hit his first career homer, naturally he's going to be excited, it's his last game of the year, he means a ton to the organization and it's a pretty special moment. But then Mr. God's gift to baseball, Brian McCann is frustrated that Fernandez looked at the ball for a few seconds and ruins one of the few fun moments in Miami.
      Another notable situation of this coming up is in last year's NLCS when Yasiel Puig watched his triple off of Adam Wainwright and then fist pumped his way into third base. It was one of the most fun moments of last year's playoffs for me just because Puig's joy showed us that even with all the huge contracts and sponsors this is still a game at heart. Teammate Adrian Gonzalez followed it up with a double and was equally excited at second base.
      The Cards, however, had a different idea of what their reactions meant. Instead of appreciating the fact that a player still hasn't had the personality nailed out of him by the MLB, they got mad, with Wainwright saying he "didn't see Puig but saw Gonzalez doing some Mickey Mouse stuff at second base," Hey Adam, last time I checked the year was two thousand something. Humans haven't been replaced by robots yet. People still have emotions. If Adam Wainwright can't deal with that he should just lock himself in a room and never talk to anybody.
     If we want to go even farther back we can look at the Dallas Braden-A-Rod incident when Braden reportedly told A-Rod "Don't step on my mound," I didn't think it was a big deal at the time and still don't today. But it brings me to another point, of how our perceptions of an athlete changes our reactions of things that happen. If Derek Jeter opted out of his contract during the World Series, would we care? If we found out that Ivan Rodriguez had two paintings of himself as a centaur, would we care? (Oh, yeah, he practically does.) If David Ortiz had stepped on the mound while going to first base would we care? Something to think about.

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