Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Friday, May 9, 2014

Teddy Bridgewater!

     I felt like throwing my radio across the room last night. The Vikes selection had come in, with Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater still on the board, that's two potential elite QBs there and the Vikings severely lacking one, who do they take? Anthony freakin' Barr. I'll get to him in a second, but for now, can we talk about the blown pick just by a positional standpoint.
     They needed a quarterback, for this simple reason. Can you win a Super Bowl if your quarterback is Christian Ponder or Matt Cassell?
     That is the unfinished column after the Vikings first pick. In case you can't tell, I wasn't expecting them to trade back into it. I'm in a much better mood now, I'm ecstatic. When I got the update from Bleacher Report I just kept staring at my phone. Wait, we go Bridgewater? Really? The same Teddy Bridgewater who probably should have gone 20 picks earlier?
     This could be the steal of the draft, for sure. You have to love the thinking of all the GMs. "Well, this guy had a 71% completion percentage with 31 touchdowns and only four interceptions in a pro style offense, but in something slightly resembling a game he didn't do well, so we'll pass." How can you question the accuracy or someone who made a play like this?
     I would have liked Johnny Football too. He definitely had the most upside between him, Bridgewater and Blake Bortles. One of the knocks on him as well was his height. Check this out.

     Of the five guys listed in the graphic, one has had pretty good career, and two others have won Super Bowls. Get what I'm saying? Height doesn't matter, stupid. And for all of you feeling sorry for Manziel, please don't. He was going to get drafted eventually. Anyway, he already has a pretty good life anyway. One more thing, Dear Lebron James, I know you're a cowboys fan, even though you're from Akron, along with being a Yankees fan, but this is just pathetic, you already made the personal decision to be a bandwagon fan, you can't go back to your home town when something good finally happens. You suck.

     Final thoughts on Bridgewater: Excellent, excellent pick by the Vikings. I can definitely see Norv Turner develop him down the road. There's a great chance we just got our quarterback of the future. The Teddy Bridgewater era has begun. 

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