Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Twins Week in Review: April 26th-May 3rd

Three Reasons to be Happy
1. Sam Fuld has started off well
Yeah, he only has 30 at bats, but as you'll find out later this is a pretty slow week for happiness. No matter what happens, I'd rather have him as the fourth outfielder than Mastroianni.
2. Nolasco finally gives a decent start
One decent start makes in into this section? This is the happy part and I'm getting depressed already. Just wait until the frustrated section.
3. The Wild advanced to the second round
Yes, I know that has nothing to do with the Twins but do you have any other ideas? They had more games rained out (two) than games won (one) even when they did play the weather still sucked. So I'm choosing the one good part of the week.
Three Reasons to Frustrated
1. Our leadoff hitter is hitting .227
That was depressing fact number one. Depressing fact number two is that he's also leading the team in homers. Depressing fact number three is that he's still the best option for the number one spot. For some reason Dozier's stats always seem low. It feels like he should be hitting higher than .227, just like last year the way he played made it appear that he was much better than a .247 hitter.
2. It's all catching up to them
The Twins will lose 90 games again this year. Last year they started out 17-15 before dropping ten straight and never looking back. That'll happen again this year if it isn't already happening. But the biggest reason for that is that the offense isn't sustainable, and this week they stopped scoring nine runs a game and since their pitching is worst in the majors they're going to lose a lot of games.
3. The weather
I referred to this up top, and in case you live in a different part of the country the weather here sucks in Minnesota. It rained nonstop last week, fitting weather for a crappy week.
Stat of the Week


Number of players the Twins have with more than 70 at bats with a batting average over .290. Fuld, Willingham, Escobar and Nunez all have the average but not the at bats. Things are looking pretty bleak. Now Colabello is coming back to earth, too. I'm upset, let's find a person we can all make fun of to feel better about ourselves.
Dan Gladden Stupidity Moment of the Week
In which we take a look at one moronic thing Dan Gladden said while announcing Twins games
This week's stupidity moment is from Wednesday in the second inning. "There's a line drive to left, Kubel coming on, Puig's gonna be waved home, it's 2-1, Dodgers. Thanks for such an accurate description, Dan. When one says somebody's "coming on" typically that means the ball is about to be caught. Not in Dan's world. Is he really the most qualified person the Twins have. They should have spent 24 million on a new color guy instead of Hughes this winter.

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