Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Twins Week in Review: May 17th-May 24th

Three Reasons to be Happy
1. Kurt Suzuki
Man, has he looked good. He's been on a tear lately, hitting over .340 in May, including an inside the park homer against the Padres. You should watch the clip just for the shot of Bud Black contemplating suicide around the 27 second mark.
2. Phil Hughes 
Another win in San Diego brought his ERA down to 3.15 and a miniscule 1.03 in May. These are the weirdest pitchers ever. You can never figure them out. Whatever I hear about a game I'm not remotely surprised. A three hit shutout? Saw that one coming. Pulled in the second after giving up seven runs? Can't say I'm too particularly shocked.
3. Chris Parmelee
Another one of the unsurprising group. (We need a name for those guys, any suggestions? Let me know in the comments) Anyway, two homers in his first two games, including a walk-off against the M's gives me hope for the 500th time with Parmelee.
Three Reasons to be Frustrated-
1. Kyle Gibson
He just needs to be more consistent. Some nights he looks like he can beat any pitcher in the league and other times he looks like Pelfrey. One thing isn't changing which makes me optimistic: He doesn't have the demeanor of a scared rookie like he did last year. Even when he isn't pitching well he always looks confident and collected on the mound.
2. Injuries
Willingham and Arcia still haven't played since early April, while Fuld is still out with a concussion. It's a miracle that they're even at .500.
3. Mauer
He's only hitting in the .280s but don't worry, eventually he'll bust out of it. His line drive rate is normal and it seems inevitable that he'll get on a hot streak. Especially considering he's been hitting above .300 since the beginning of May.
Random Thought of the Week
The draft is coming up, and lots of mock drafts have the Twins taking shortstop Nick Gordon with their first round pick. Lots of projections are talking about the Twins "needs" in a couple years. My response to that: How are they supposed to know what you'll need in a few years? Yeah, I know they have projections and that type of stuff, but those are really inconsistent. Do you think the Twins had Dozier written into their long term plans a few years ago? Or how about the Padres, who probably thought Matt Bush would be their number one starter by now. Message to GMs: Just take the best player available. Don't act like you know.
Dan Gladden Stupidity Moment of the Week
In which we look at something moronic Dan Gladden said while announcing Twins games
Tonight against the Giants, Posey tried to bunt for a hit with two guys on in the sixth. He hit it foul, and Gladden and Provus talked about what an unusual play that was to see the number three hitter bunt. Then Danny said, "Well, if he reaches base or makes it a sacrifice it's a good play. Gee, I would have never thought. Thank god our broadcasters are here to give us astute points like this.

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