Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Thursday, December 24, 2015

More Offseason Moves

Phillies get: Mark Appel, Harold Arauz, Thomas Eshelman, Vince Velasquez, Brett Oberholtzer
Astros get: Ken Giles, Jonathan Arauz
With the Braves pulling a highway robbery on the Diamondbacks, this deal isn't getting enough credit for being lopsided. Ken Giles is a dominant reliever, but relievers are never worth the kind of package the Astros sent to Philadelphia. It's that simple. Even though he's struggled, Mark Appel was a number one overall pick just a few years ago, and Thomas Eshelman and Harold Arauz are both solid prospects. Every year there's a glut of relievers available at the trade deadline, it's completely unnecessary to blow so much on one good one.                            
Ben Zobrist to the Cubs
After being underrated, then overrated from being called underrated so often, Zobrist isn't anything right now. Just a solid, versatile player who can get on base and contribute to any team.
Jason Heyward to the Cubs
There's a lot to like about this move for both sides, including the 2-3-4 combination of Heyward, Rizzo and Bryant, delusional Cardinals fans being unable to comprehend the idea of anyone not wanting to be in St. Louis and calling Heyward a "traitor" even though he was only there for one season, the fact that Heyward's only 26, and the flexibility the Cubs now have in the outfield.
Johnny Cueto to the Giants
It was looking like Cueto was going to cost himself a lot of money in the second half of the year with the Royals. Then the playoffs happened, and he proved he can still pitch like the Cincinnati version of himself. I like this fit with the Giants, their massive park will help out Cueto, a terrific bounce-back candidate.
Diamondbacks get: Shelby Miller, Gabe Speier
Braves get: Dansby Swanson, Ender Inciarte, Aaron Blair
When I first heard about this move, I pictured the negotiations happening like one of the Hangover movies. I pictured Braves GM John Coppolella taking D-Backs GM Dave Stewart to a bar, followed by Stewart blacking out and waking up the next morning to find out he traded Swanson and Inciarte for Shelby freaking Miller. Miller's a solid, young pitcher, but that's it. He isn't worth gutting your farm system for. From the Braves' perspective, this is an absolute pillaging. They just made off with a 21-year-old shortstop with superstar potential along with the underrated Inciarte (.303/.338/.408 with 21 stolen bases last year). In a year where they weren't going to contend anyway, they are well set up for the future.

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