Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Paul Molitor: Figure out what to do with the pitching staff
Right now, the contenders for the five starting rotation spots are Kyle Gibson, Phil Hughes, Tommy Milone, Ervin Santana, Ricky Nolasco, Tyler Duffy, Jose Berrios and Tyler May. We can assume that Gibson, Hughes and Santana will make it. That leaves two spots for five guys. I'm a big fan of Duffy, he pitched very well down the stretch last season, posting a 3.10 ERA. However, unlike some guys who start out great, advanced stats say it wasn't just a flash in the pan. His FIP was 3.24, along with a respectable 2.65 strikeout per walk ratio, good enough for 47th in the league among starters had he qualified. I'd put him in the fourth spot until he loses it. For the last two, I would go with anyone but Nolasco. He was badly overpaid from the start, and isn't in the plans for the future. It would be better in the short and long term for Milone (quietly productive all last season), Berrios or May to take those spots.
Twins fans: Stop being jerks to Joe Mauer
Joe Mauer had one of the best seasons for a catcher in the history of the game in 2009. He continued to be productive through 2012 and most of 2013 before some bad luck and just being past his prime slowed him down. Even then, he's been an above average on-base guy, posting an OBP of .348 in the last two years when he's been "bad". Also, you can complain about the contract all you want, but I think some of you mindless Mauer haters don't even seem to notice it's down to three years at this point, and above all, why do you care about his contract? Unless you're a member of the Pohlad family, you're not paying for it, so why do care? Yeah, it makes him untradeable but that doesn't matter because it's only for another two years before the contract's expiring.
Norv Turner: Get Cordarrele Patterson more involved in the offense
Bill Musgrave was a horrible offensive coordinator but at least he knew how to get Patterson involved in the offense. Patterson isn't a very good route runner, but in Musgrave's offense he didn't need to be a Stefon Diggs-like deep threat, he got the ball on a lot of screens and reverses. Right now one of the fastest and most talented guys on the team is being wasted doing nothing but returning kickoffs. That needs to change.
Sam Mitchell: Stop the LaVine at point guard experiment
While he's incredibly athletic, Zach LaVine doesn't have a great sense of the game playing his natural shooting guard, much less learning a new position. The Wolves are so much more efficient with Rubio running the point and LaVine on the wing. Mitchell should stop trying to force LaVine at point guard and let Tyus Jones get experience backing up Rubio.
Dan Gladden: Resign
Michael Cuddyer: Replace Gladden as Cory Provus's partner
Let's make this happen.

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