Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Offseason Moves

David Price to the Red Sox
I have two uncles, an aunt and two cousins who live in Boston. They get very defensive if you compare the Red Sox to the Yankees as far as spending money goes. But I don't care because that's who they've become. Every year in free agency they just throw a ton of money at whoever they can without thinking about how they'll actually fit in. Last year they signed Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval, even though they played the same position and they had to move Hanley to left field. Now they're signing an excellent, reliable pitcher for seven years and 217 million and have nobody to put around him. Aside from 2013, their last five years have been an absolute garbage can fire in Boston. That 2013 season was the one year they didn't spend a ton of money in the offseason. They signed Mike Napoli, Stephen Drew, Shane Victorino and Koji Uehara to relatively small contracts. It worked because they all had a specific role, and the Sox have gotten away from that recently. This is ending badly.
Nori Aoki to the Mariners
Aoki's been one of the most underrated players in the league since he was with Milwaukee, batting a career .287/.353/.386 and averaging 20 stolen bases per year. While he's never had much power, the Mariners don't need a lot of firepower. They need someone to get on for Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager. And Aoki can do that.
Jordan Zimmermann to the Tigers
Zimmermann had a slightly underwhelming season with the Nats last year, so 110 million seems like a bit much, but he still had an ERA of 3.66. At the very least he's a solid number two starter, a number one if he rebounds.
Mike Pelfrey to the Tigers
I have to seriously question the fact that anyone in the Tigers' front office watched Mike Pelfrey more than once ever. The Twins took a risk on him in 2013 with a one year deal. He was terrible. For some bizarre reason, Terry Ryan gave him a two year extension, which worked out about how you would expect it to. It wasn't just that Pelfrey was horrible, it was how he was horrible. Nobody wasted more run support than Pelfrey, who apparently felt it was sporting to allow the opposing team to score right after the Twins had a big inning and the Tigers gave this man TWO YEARS. As a Twins fan, nothing makes me happier than knowing Mike Pelfrey is pitching for someone else in the AL Central.
Zack Greinke to the Diamondbacks
After getting rejected by Johnny Cueto, the D-Backs weren't discouraged, frying an even better fish. Greinke will now bring some pitching to a team with a quietly terrific lineup led by Paul Goldschmidt and A.J. Pollock. $207 million is a lot of money to pay, but given what the Red Sox gave Price and how close the team is to contending, this is a good deal.

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