Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Monday, March 31, 2014

Breaking Down the Twins Lineup

Opening day! Everybody rejoice!
1. Brian Dozier 2B
This shows how little speed the Twins have. Dozier led the team in homers last year and now is hitting leadoff. The even more depressing thing is that I can't think of anyone better. Their only speed guy is Hicks, but I don't think he can handle the leadoff role.
2. Kurt Suzuki C
From everything I've heard about Suzuki, he sounds like an extra coach. He really gets on all of the pitchers when they aren't doing well, he'll also be a good mentor for Pinto.
3. Joe Mauer 1B
Nothing to say about Mauer that hasn't already been said. He's awesome, underappreciated. First base will help him stay healthy and the transition won't be too difficult. Mark him down for another .330/.400 year.
4. Josh Willingham LF
There isn't a more depressing fact in the world than that our cleanup hitter hit .208 with fourteen homers last season and was two for 49 and slugged .073. They should have traded him after 2012. They were obviously not going to contend any time soon. He was coming off of a career year, his value was at the highest.
5. Chris Colabello DH
This was the biggest surprise of the lineup. I thought for sure this was Kubel's spot in the lineup. Not sure what to think about Colabello, he wasn't particularly impressive last season but undoubtedly was better than Kubel this in spring training.
6. Trevor Plouffe 3B
I just don't see Plouffe repeating his 2012 24 homer performance any time soon. That season he hit 11 of those in one hot June stretch and only hit eight the rest of the year. Meanwhile on the other side of the field he looks like an old man at third base. But once he flipped me a baseball when I was sitting down the third base line, so I'll forgive him for all that.
7. Oswaldo Arcia
So we have Arcia in right and Willingham in left. Let's just say this, Hicks is going to be doing a lot of running. I'm a big fan of Arcia, he still looks like a drunk guy in the outfield but the raw power is definitely there.
8. Aaron Hicks
We need to calm down about Mr. Hicks. Yes, there are obviously many things he needs to work on, like cutting down on his strikeouts but people are looking at the raw numbers way too much. Over his first 28 games he hit .164. Over his last 33 he hit .233. .233 isn't a very good number, especially for someone of Hick's potential. However, it's not .192 either. He didn't look comfortable at the beginning of the season, he did a lot more at the end.
9. Pedro Florimon
I'm not sure if P-Flo's offense will ever come around but his defense sure is fantastic. He lead all shortstops in range factor per game last year. It's a shame he's not a good enough hitter to win a gold glove.
That's it, it's time for the season. Play ball!

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  1. P-Flo??

    Does that make the rest of the line-up B.D., K-Suz, JoMa, J-Will, C-Co, TP, and Big O? with "Oh no! Nolasco on the hill?

    I think th Big Ten basketball season has gotten to you.

    Good luck recovering after tonight.