Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Friday, March 28, 2014

Running Diary of March Madness

Before I start this, quick reminder, my MLB preview is up. You can see my NL preview here and my AL preview here.
6:10: We're here live at the Wilson Moore estates, writing thoughts while watching the Michigan-Tennessee game. Here they are.
6:14: What's up with those warm up shirts that say things like, "The _____ way" at least it sounds relatively interesting with Wisconsin. But really, The Volunteers Way?" Does anyone think that sounds good?
6:17: Michigan wins the tip, with Robinson scoring quickly.
6:19: After Stauskas gets his shot blocked, Levert drains a three to tie it up. Michigan has easily the most exciting style of play in the tournament. Every time down they're either shooting a three or throwing up an alley-oop in transition
6:20: Glen Robinson sinks two free throws.
6:23: Yup that just proved my point. Irvin just banked in a twenty five footer and nobody even was surprised.
6:27: Richardson sinks a three. Wolverines by five. The Vols effectively screwed up my bracket in that region. I never take the play in team because so much can go wrong if you chose the wrong one. So they making it to the Sweet Sixteen, you can guess what that did.
6:29: Jordan Morgan gets fouled and makes a layup. Michigan has a deceptive offensive system. At the beginning everyone is hanging out behind the three point line until they feel the need to work it in. That makes them ridiculously efficient by only shooting threes or in the paint.
6:37: Darius Thompson banks in a layup despite being slapped in about eight different places by three different people.
6:39: Irvin sinks a three and we get the obligatory shot of the bench going nuts. I was pretty disappointed we didn't get to see that one guy at the end of the bench with as arms out as if keeping everyone from storming the court.
6:46: Holy crap, is that even legal? It must be because he got away with it. I am definitely trying that one out next time I play. Actually I won't because everyone hates people who do things like that, but I wish I had the guts to do it. In case you didn't see it or don't remember, Stauskas went up for a jump shot but it slipped away from him and squirted away about ten feet. Stauskas ran underneath it, jumped to avoid the travel and whipped it into the corner for Levert who was fouled shooting a three.
6:46: Stauskas hits a three to put Michigan up by three, timeout Tennessee. Good timeout here. Even if the statheads say that doesn't help, there's no doubt momentum does have an effect on games. Who would you rather play, a pumped up, motivated team on fire, or a team that's been standing around for the last three minutes? I thought so.
6:55: Beautiful move by Richardson to get to the hoop. Sorry if you're a Tennessee fan reading this and you're annoyed by the lack of things written about the Volunteers. There are two reasons. 1) You're team is about 50% less exciting than the Wolverines. In the time it's taking me to write this there has already been three monster jams. (2 The Vols are getting killed. It may only be nine points on the scoreboard, but they aren't getting back into this. Thirteen seconds left in the first half and I'm saying it now. Stick a fork in 'em.
7:01: After a Walton turnover under the basket Tennessee has the ball with four seconds left. Albrecht fouls with two point four after the ball is brought up the court. The Vols miss the thirty footer to send us to halftime.
7:11: Anthony at halftime while going over the UConn-Iowa State highlights. "Napier has been fantastic" Oh really? What else is new?
7:26: Second half starts with a layup by Stokes right after......oh wait, there's another dunk by Michigan. The Wolverines have to be the most predictable exciting team of all time.
7:29: We just had our first, low talent level intramural game sequence. First Robinson loses the ball, then it gets bumped down the court, before Michigan gets it back, Maymon stuffs Morgan, the Tennessee gets blocked itself, before a missed dunk on the other end. If it weren't for the dunk it would be more like a fourth grade rec game.
7:31: Stokes employs the old Kevin McHale, "turn in circles until the defense gets confused enough and lets you score." 51-41 Wolverines.
7:38: Stokes misses on his second Kevin McHale attempt, just rattling out. Either that or Michigan isn't getting as bored as easily.
7:46: Armani Moore tips in a missed layup just before a Michigan timeout. "Will there be another miracle for Tennessee?" I'm going to stick with what I said forty minutes ago. Unless of course, Tennessee comes back and wins this. In which case I deleting everything I said at that point.
7:51: Maymon off the glass. Michigan by just seven.
7:52: Ok, can everybody just admit that Subway's "Flatizza" is the same thing as pizza? These ads haven't been as annoying this year. During the MLB playoffs I thought I was going to go insane from those awful T-Mobile ads.
7:56: McRae hits a layup to make it a two possession game.....
7:56: But Walton immediately follows it up with a three pointer. This is why Michigan is so good. They can demoralize you in so many ways. Tennessee thought they had Michigan squirming they calmly drain one that wipes out the basket you just made and is worth more than the bucket you just got.
8:03: Glen Robinson III is awarded player of the game by CBS. Let's hope he doesn't become too much of a household name so people don't begin calling him things like "GR3" of "G-Rob"
8:05: McRae hits layup, gets fouled and hits the and one. I'll say it right now, stand by for the Michigan three.
8:07: Nope, turnover at the other end.
8:08: McRae misses the layup, Michigan calls timeout.
8:10: Shot clock violation Michigan! Tennessee brings it up the court and calls timeout. By now I would really be getting nervous if I were a Michigan fan.
8:12: McRae clangs the three but it's out on Morgan. Or is it? We have our first review.
8:15: Yup, staying with the Vols. Richardson hits a floater. Michigan by three.
8:15: Foul on Tennessee. Still not in the bonus.
8:16: Tennessee foul again. Albrecht to inbound it.
8:17: Steal, Vols! The lead is just one with ten seconds to play! Michigan will take it out under the basket.
8:18: Holy crap! Levert's foot was out of bounds! Vols have it down by one with ten seconds left.
8:21: Foul on Tennessee. Stokes put his shoulder into Morgan's chest. Squandered opportunity. I'm not sure what to think of the call. Something like that can really go either way. Albrecht will inbound it again, but he can't run along the baseline.
8:24: After the Vols knock it out of bounds, the do the same thing, 2.9 seconds left, Michigan to inbound.
8:25: Stauskas going to the line for a one and one after a foul.
8:26: Calmly sinks the first
8:26: Misses the second one, can Stokes pull a Gordon Heyward, except he gets the roll?
8:26: Nope, over the backboard. Ballgame.

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