Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five Questions: March Madness Style

Q: What's the best part of March Madness?
A: Definitely the way the games are staggered throughout the day, especially during the early rounds. If I could, I would do nothing but watch basketball all day. That's how awesome the NCAA Tournament is.
Q: What's the worst part of March Madness?
A: The most annoying part is easily when the way the rounds are named. Shut up, NCAA, the first weekend is not the third round. Calling the play ins the "First Round" is like calling..... I can't even come up with an adequate comparison of this travesty. Here's what I know for sure. Referring to the round of 64 as the second round does nothing but create confusion because nobody has any idea which round you're talking about because half the world refers to them as different rounds.
Q: How messed up is your bracket?
A: Very messed up. I had VCU beating Stephen F Austin, Ohio State beating Dayton, Cincinnati beating Harvard and Duke beating Mercer. The funny thing is that this year I've done more research on my bracket than any other year and this is my worst one in awhile. The lesson being: this crap is impossible to predict. The Mercer over Duke game was particularly surprising. I remember looking at my phone on Friday and doing a quadruple take when I saw Mercer: 76 Duke: 71-F. I was with some friends and announced the score. I was quickly flooded with comments like "Are you serious?" and "I don't believe you, let me see the phone" This is why phone apps need to put exclamation points by their scores. It's way too deadpan to say all of them the same. I came up with that idea about three seconds ago and it seems fantastic.
Q: Who are the most obnoxious types of people to discuss brackets with?
A: People who fill out lots of brackets for sure. I had a discussion with a person during the Ohio State-Dayton game, he was happy Dayton was winning before checking his bracket on his phone. "Dang it," he said, "I have Ohio State winning this in six of my brackets. At least I have Dayton in my other five," I had nothing to say in response to that. Discussion killed. The thing with filling out more that one, is that you can't say you predicted it if you fill out more that one you can't say you truly predicted a game, one of your brackets lucked into it. Next year I'm just going to fill out 9.2 quintillion brackets.
Q: What is your Final Four prediction?
I'm sticking with what I said at the beginning, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State and Arizona, Louisville over Kansas in the final.

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