Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Week one Picks

Alright, I've got my picks right below here, and while I'm predicting all the games, I'm only going to focus on six per week, the Vikings game and five interesting matchups. If you want me to explain any of the other games just shoot me an E-mail telling me what an idiot I am and I'll print it next week and respond to it. Here are this week's picks.
The pick: Bears
The pick: Steelers
I a big fan of Joe Flacco,I think he'll have a breakout year this year, but I don't see the Ravens going anywhere with such a lack of a running game. This week their running back is Bernard Pierce, and even when Rice get's back they won't be much improved considering how awful he was last year and the way karma works.
The Pick: Bengals
The Pick: Washington
The pick: Eagles
I'm not a huge fan of the Chiefs. They started off last year 9-0 before going 2-5 the rest of the way and ending their season of one of the worst playoff losses of all time. On top of that, of their 11 wins, they beat exactly one team over .500 (the Eagles in week three) and their opponents in wins had a combined record of 59-117. This year they face an infinitely tougher schedule, including a four game stretch of Denver-Miami-New England-San Francisco.
However, as much as I hate the Chiefs this year, I hate the Titans even more. I'm not a Jake Locker believer, this team just isn't very good in any aspect.
The pick: Chiefs
The pick: Patriots
I had the Vikes winning this game before Bradford went down. Now I have them winning by a lot. As I said last week, Matt Cassel is an average quarterback, he won't take a team out of a game, which is a huge improvement from some QBs of recent years.
The pick: Vikings
The Saints have one of the top three quarterbacks in the league along with the best tight end in the league who became one of my favorite players this preseason by defiantly dunking through the goalposts after touchdowns. On the other side of the ball New Orleans added safety Jairus Byrd to help shore up the secondary.
The Falcons had a year to forget last season, going 4-12, but they've done well for too long and Matt Ryan in too good for that to happen again. They're not Super Bowl contenders, but 11 wins wouldn't be crazy. I gotta go with the Saints in this one, though. The Falcons best season was when the Saints were crippled by the repercussions of the Bounty Scandal. New Orleans is just the better team here.
The pick: Saints
The pick: Jets
The pick: Panthers
Kaepernick's going to pick apart the atrocious Dallas defense. I don't have any doubt about that. Romo's better than people give him credit for, but I just can't see him being able to keep up this this dynamic Niner offense.
The pick: 49ers
I thought longer than a lot of people would've about this game. Obviously there's Manning on one side of the coin, but on the other hand Andrew Luck is terrifying in any big game, whether it's him  carving up a good Broncos D last year, or making the incredible throw to T.Y. (don't call me Ty) Hilton against the Chiefs in the playoffs last year. Ultimately I don't have the guts to go against a Peyton Manning with a bad taste in his mouth from the Super Bowl last year. I'll go with the Broncos, but it's close.
The pick: Broncos
The pick: Lions
The pick: Chargers
Record this year: 1-0

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