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Kirby Puckett

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Heat-Spurs Game Four: A Running Diary

7:58: We're here at The Wilson Moore Estates for Game four! In case you've been trapped under a rock the last few days here's what happened in five words or less. Game one: No Air conditioning, LeBron cramps Game two: Spurs miss free throws, lose Game four: Spurs go insane
8:11: Bosh wins the tip and we're underway.
8:13: Wade gets called for a foul, second in the game for the Heat. The Heat have been in foul trouble all series. They need to keep the Spurs off the foul line as often.
8:15: After a miss, Boris Diaw grabs the rebound and gets fouled. Do you think there has ever been a fatter starter on a finals team than Diaw? We need to get the Elias Sports Bureau on this. Of course, he's also one of the smarter guys on the court.
8:22: Duncan snags a board and immediately flips it out to Parker. Other than Love, Duncan is the best outlet passer of in the league. He doesn't wing them down the court like Love, but as soon as he gets the rebound he passes it out to a guard as soon as possible.
8:24: Bosh nails a jumper and.... wait, why the hell is James running into the locker room? That was random. There are two reasons: A) He needs to take a leak, or B) There's something wrong. Every Heat fan has to be holding their breath now.
8:29: LeBron's sitting on the bench. The answer was A.
8:31: Leonard hits two free throws. They show a graphic and I find out I've been spelling his name wrong the entire time.
8:33: Allen misses a three. That gives me an idea. Why don't the Heat just play Allen's three in game six on a constant loop during timeouts? Every time a Spur would look up, they would just see their season being destroyed. Over and over again.
8:43: Green sinks a three. Spurs by 14. I'm still not seeing the Spurs win this game. The Heat are too good of a team to go down 3-1.
8:46: LeBron comes in. Comeback will commence shortly.
8:51: Heat miss again and Leonard is fouled at the other end. Maybe not. Then Allen hits a three after getting the ball back. Maybe. Just to get on the record here, I'm rooting for the Spurs in this series. I can't stand the Heat and love how San Antonio just keeps chugging along. So don't think I'm letting that cloud my thoughts on my predictions.
8:53: Bosh gets to the line. It's looking like he showed up tonight instead of his evil twin. He's one of the X-Factors for the Heat. LeBron can't do this all by himself.
9:03: Another turnover for the Heat. The entire Heat team just looks expressionless and out of it, like they have something on their mind. Meanwhile the infection has spread to the crowd. It's as quiet as you'll ever hear a finals game. The fans seem shocked.
9:04: Parker makes another circus shot. This stuff is just normal for him. He probably does it at least five times a game, where he's going a million miles an hour, flips up what looks like a desperation that just kisses off the backboard.
9:06: Combined stats for James and Wade: Nine points, 3-11 shooting. I'm avoiding saying anything obvious right now.
9:10: After two straight blocks on James and Bosh, Mills sinks a three. Everyone except the 12 Spurs are stunned right now.
9:12: Leonard! That's the flashiest play any Spur has made since the late '90s. Then, on the other end, LeBron misses a bunny and the boo birds come out. James has a "If you want me to stay here you better be a bit nicer" look on his face.
9:37: We've seen our first Boris Diaw moment of the game. James just made a pair of freebies, followed by Diaw grabbing the ball and almost tripping over his feet.
9:38: LeBron gets to the rim for a layup. Both him and the crowd is slowly getting back into the game. The Spurs can't let that happen. Now LeBron has the "Yeah, now you love me," look on his face.
9:43: Kawhi just swatted away a shot, the biggest weapon the Spurs have is their stoic-ness. Nothing rattles them. It doesn't matter what's happening. They approach everything the same way.
9:46: Diaw flips up a layup that goes in. I never thought I'd be saying this, but he's causing major matchup problems for the Heat. They need to get someone bigger than Wade on him as soon as possible.
9:52: Duncan flushes it home on a two foot wraparound pass from Diaw. That's a staple of the Spurs. If you go to Youtube and look up highlights. You will see that quite a few times.
10:02: LeBron has 19 points this quarter. That's 17 more than the rest of the team combined. It's every Heat fans worst nightmare. The bad offseason catching up to them and LeBron being stuck to having to single handedly carry the team.
10:08: Mark Jackson on how the Heat can get back into this: "They have to play better on both sides of the ball," That is why they're here, to give us analysis like that.
10:10: Everyone goes insane whenever Udonis Haslem comes into the game. Can a Heat fan please explain to me why everybody seems to have an man-crush on him?
10:14: Another turnover by the Spurs, followed by Wade making a short jumper. Timeout Spurs. Man, I hope they aren't getting rattled.
10:18: Mills for three. Nope
10:25: Another beautiful pass from Diaw. You can credit Pop with this. He instills that pass first mentality into everybody he coaches. Obviously it helps having Duncan, but just about everybody else he has great control over.
10:30: Jeff Van Gundy just told us that Boris Diaw's mom is the best center in French women's basketball history. We're at that time in the game.
10:34: Alright, I'll ask it: How often will you actually use a heart rate monitor attached to your phone?
10:37: Cory Joseph gets into the lane for a basket. Even the Spurs deep bench is better than the Heat's.
10:47: Our final for The Miami Massacre Part II: Spurs 107-Heat 86.

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