Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Thursday, June 5, 2014

NBA Finals Preview

Ok, I know I'm posting this in the middle of game one, but I promise on my honor that all of this was written before hand.
Point Guard
Mario Chalmers vs Tony Parker
Advantage: Parker
Parker easily takes this one, assuming his ankle is fine. He's just another savvy veteran who finds ways to make himself useful on the court. However, if his ankle turns out to be a problem that could easily swing the series. But it's looking like he'll be fine
Shooting Guard
Dwyane Wade vs Danny Green
Advantage: Wade
I debated this one for awhile. I feel like Wade has enough in him to turn it up for a couple games and maybe even give us a throwback performance. Of course, this is assuming Green doesn't pull a Jimmy Chitwood on us again. Really, will we ever see a performance like that again? At one point he hit 15 of 17 from downtown. Unfortunately for the Spurs, it's tough to repeat that.
Small Forward
LeBron James vs Kawai Leonard
Advantage: James
Sorry Kawai, you're not winning against possibly the best forward of all time. If I'm a Spurs fan, the thing I'm most afraid of is if LeBron goes insane and single handedly drags the Heat to the championship.
Power Forward
Rashard Lewis vs Tim Duncan
Advantage: Duncan
On the flip side of that coin, if I'm a Heat fan, I'm terrified of Timmy having a bunch of old school 25-15 games. Lewis is an interesting situation. Last year he was the thirteenth guy off the bench for the Heat, chasing his ring. Suddenly he's now going to be starting for them this year, as well as winning the Jason Giambi award for "Guy you just assumed retired last year"
Chris Bosh vs Tiago Splitter
Advantage: Bosh
Assuming Bosh gets out of his funk. If not this Spurs take this series easily. The Heat need him to play like he usually does to have any chance of keeping up with San Antonio offensively. LeBron and an aging Wade can't do it all.
Why the Heat will win
They have the best player on the planet, there's a decent chance Wade turns back the clock this series, Bosh could jump out, they still have Ray Allen, Erik Spoelstra is a great young coach, there's a reason they won last year.
Why the Spurs will win
Three reasons: Duncan, Ginobili and Parker. If they all play well, there's no doubt the Spurs win this. Any. Throw in Kawai and Green knocking down threes and Pop on the sidelines this is a really solid team up and down. On top of that, they'll be out for vengeance after losing such a heartbreaker last year.
After taking all things into all things into consideration, I'll take the Spurs in six. This year's San Antonio team has improved while the Heat's acquisitions (Greg Oden, Michael Beasley) have done nothing. Spurs get their revenge, Duncan wins MVP, all the Heat haters go home happy.

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