Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Twins Week in Review: June 14th-June 21st

Three Reasons to be Optimistic
1. Yohan Pino
Pino strengthened his case to stay up in the bigs on the never ending carousel of fifth starters (along with breathing and being able to throw the ball 60 feet) with a solid first outing of seven innings, two runs and four hits. I'm not going to freak out, there's a reason he was in the minors until age 30, but he can be solid down the stretch, especially for the Twins.
2. The pitching, no seriously
That is, other than Nolasco. With Pelfrey out he's my new favorite target to pick on when things aren't going well. But other than him, they've been fantastic. The series in Boston they gave up a total of five runs, in Fenway Park. Keep in mind this is coming from the same team who I said at the beginning of the year, "We're going to be seeing lots of 10-9 games" Of course, they got swept too, but I'm leaving that part out.
3. Gibson
He continued his streak of consecutive shutout innings to 22 against the Red Sox, lowering his ERA to just 3.25 during the season. Hughes has been the most the consistent this year, but Gibson's been the only guy on the staff who can be completely dominant and make batters look silly.
Three Reasons to be Frustrated
1. The entire offense
What the hell happened? This is definitely one of the strangest Twins teams of my life. Both their hitting and fielding have off and on switches.
2. Morales
Ok, so we never expected him to hit .500 the whole year, but after his hot start he's cooled down considerably, going something around 0 for around his last 20. (Sorry I can't find the exact figure.) The worst case scenario for Morales and the Twins would be both of them sucking and Ryan not finding any takers at the deadline for him.
3. Stupid Replay
After Escobar dashed home with the winning run I was thrilled and excited, obviously, because after Perkins blew the save, there didn't seem like much of a chance of the Twins winning it. Of course right after Escobar scored, Robin Ventura challenged the play because he has nothing to lose. So have fun with walkoffs from now on, anything mildly close will involve players celebrating, followed by a manager walking out to challenge it, then the players will mill around for a few minutes and then the call will get confirmed. Sounds like a blast.
Random Stat of the Week
That's the Twins ERA during the Red Sox series, compared to 4.29 for the entire year. Did I mention that this happened in one of the best parks for hitters? I thought Mauer was going to have a field day hitting the ball off the monster. All it takes is one hot streak for the Twins to throw themselves right into the division crown race. Kansas City has already had theirs. I hope the Twins didn't just miss an opportunity.
The Dan Gladden Stupidity Moment of the Week
In which, we look at something moronic Dan Gladden said while announcing Twins games
When the Twins were in Boston, Gladden was talking about Stephen Drew not getting a contract for awhile before resigning with the Sox when he said that he, Wanted "Kinda a multi-year deal" How does one want "Kinda" a multi-year deal? Is that like a year and a half? I spent so long trying to figure that out I got a headache. Thanks, Danny.

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