Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Friday, June 27, 2014

Timberwolves Draft: Feels like a Kahn Job

We had four picks last night. We spent one of them on a guard who looked as depressed as a lottery pick can be, and sold two more away. Nice job, Flip. Here are breakdowns of the picks.
Round 1, Pick 13
Zach Lavine, Guard, UCLA
At this point, everybody's heard about the whole "F*** me" line right after he got picked, but despite that, I feel like this is a decent choice. His athleticism is off the charts and unlike lots of players like that, he can actually shoot, at 37% from beyond the arc. His 44% mark is a low representation of his shooting because it's he takes too many bad shots rather than him missing open ones. He really needs to improve his decision making. Luckily, with Rubio he probably won't be handling the ball as often, which should put him in more catch and shoot situations. The one problem I have with the pick is the fact that they could have gone with a safer pick, like Gary Harris. Maybe it's just the mentality David Kahn gave us, but I'm terrified of upside guys the Wolves have had so many lottery picks that haven't worked out, like Jonny Flynn, Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams to name three in the last five years, that now I'm nervous whenever we have a risk reward guy because he never ends up being worth the risk.
Worst case scenario
He never really develops, keeps taking bad shots, becomes just a role player and three point gunner but at least creates a really flashy highlight reel.
 Best case scenario
Learns his place in the offense, takes less shots, but becomes more efficient player, gets better at finishing at the rim, once again creates a very flashy highlight reel.
Round 2, Pick 10 (40th overall)
Glenn Robinson III, Forward, Michigan
Seems like a poor man's Aaron Gordon on the offensive end, great finisher in transition, needs to develop a jump shot. Of course, Gordon is a hard worker while that raises some question marks with Robinson. I feel like there's a decent chance of him becoming a good role player and there isn't a worst case scenario, anybody you get in the second round is just a bonus.
Round 2, Pick 14 (44th overall)
Pathetically sold to Brooklyn
Round 2, Pick 23 (53rd overall)
Alessandro Gentile, later pathetically sold to Houston
Here's where the wheels came off. The Wolves became the first team I've heard of to sell not one, but two second rounders. Did Taylor need the extra pocket money or what? Is this residual effects from having David Kahn as the GM? I can see doing this in the MLB, but there's a freaking salary cap in the NBA. If you ever see Glen Taylor at a restaurant eating nice steak or at a car dealership buying a fleet of Ferraris, make sure to ask him if it was worth the picks.

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