Kirby Puckett

Kirby Puckett

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Twins Week in Review: June 7th to June 14th

Hey everybody, sorry this wasn't up yesterday, but I lost my internet connection in all the storms so I couldn't get on here.
Three Reasons to be Optimistic
1. Morales
I knew we were signing Kendrys Morales. What I didn't know was that we were signing mid season form Kendrys Morales who had been working out six hours a day the entire time he wasn't employed. And especially not speedy Kendrys Morales who managed to score on a short single to left field.
2. Hughes
The guy whose contract I may or may not have criticized multiple times during the offseason and during April continued his dominance with by shutting down the AL East leading Blue Jays. That sound you hear is Stienbrenner and Cashman kicking themselves. This is the first time for awhile I can remember something like this happening to us. It's always been the reverse. Gomez, Liriano, the list goes on and on.
3. Santana
His stats say one thing, his body language agrees with it. He looks like a veteran at the plate. He doesn't swing at as many bad pitches as inexperienced players usually do and looks confident up at the plate.
Three Reasons to be Frustrated
1. The pitching
That is, pitchers whose names aren't Hughes or Gibson. The other three have a combined ERA of 5.72. Signing Morales was a good step forward, but the Twins still need another decent pitcher to contend.
2. Mauer
It hurts me to say this, because Mauer's one of my favorite Twins of all time, but it's time to move him down in the batting order. Right now he's in a major slump, hitting just .209 in June. Gardy should move him down to fifth or sixth, just to take some pressure off of him.
3. The injury bug
Hicks and Plouffe are on the DL, Escobar and Dozier are banged up and Nunez will probably have to go to there as well. Things are so dire that they called up P-Flo again. That's a good move because he adds some diversity to the infield. (Take a wild guess of which incompetent radio announcer that came from)
Former Twin of the Week
LaTroy Hawkins
This year Hawkins snatched the "He's still playing" award from previous holder Jason Giambi. My personal favorite Hawkins memory didn't happen when he was playing the Twins, but against them with the Orioles in 2006. In the tenth inning, Cuddyer was on first and Hawkins picked him off and had him in a rundown. Then, inexplicably, Hawkins forgot to cover first and Cuddyer made it back in safely. It didn't end up having any change in the outcome (Morneau won it with a homer in the 12th) but it's still one of my favorite Metrodome memories.
Dan Gladden Stupidity Moment of the Week
In which we look at one moronic thing Dan Gladden said while announcing Twins games
Yesterday Martinez hit a fly ball to left center field, the call from Danny was, "Fuld can't get to it, Cabrera will stop at second, (pause) the throw to second is not in time." All of this happened before he explained to us that Martinez went to second and that's why the throw was coming in there. So Cabrera didn't hold up at second. Of course, none of this must have seemed necessary to mention while it was happening. Whatever. Explaining things as a radio announcer is overrated.

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